August 7, 2020

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Some superstitions that are harmful to your body

Something to make your day more beautiful —
 1. If you have a headache, eat a lot of fish.
Fish oil is great for preventing headaches
Effective. You can eat ginger. Inflammation and
Especially in curing pain
2. You can eat yogurt if you have a fever.
You can also eat honey.
 3. Eat tea to prevent stroke.
Regularly seen in various studies
Tea builds up in the arteries
Can’t This reduces the risk
A lot.
4. Honey is effective in insomnia.
5. Eat onions for asthma.
It prevents the contraction of the airways
Plays a positive role.
. Can eat in stomach ailments
Banana, ginger. Ginger Morning Sickness and
Relieves nausea and vomiting.
. If you feel cold, eat garlic.
. Prevention of breast cancer
Gumjata food, cabbage is effective.
9. Cabbage in ulcer problems
Particularly useful. Stay in it
Feeding gastric and
Helping to heal duodenal ulcers
10. Honey has many qualities.
Numbness, sore throat, stress,
Anemia, osteoporosis,
Honey for various physical problems including migraine
Particularly effective.
11. Soak cotton in raw milk on the lips
Rub, black spots will appear on the lips
Pink will come.
12. To remove black spots on the elbows
Lemon peel does well with sugar
Rub. It will go away.
13. Rub the garlic cloves over the bran
Take it, it will match soon.
 14. Pedicure manicure is yours
Trouble? Hey, I’m here
No? From today, whenever you eat an apple
Peel an apple and grate it.
It will be fair and clean
 15. If the ankle is fractured,
Apply onion paste. Cream or
Don’t go to the trouble of scrubbing.
16. Teeth with toothpaste every day
Mazen Cooley still creates bad breath
Is? No matter, bad breath
Two months in a row to get rid of
Eat oranges regularly in two corners.
There are many more such rumors or superstitions
Prevalent in our society, which has no basis or
There is no scientific explanation. If you like it, share it and let others know