August 7, 2020

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How to protect the lungs from the corona virus

We know that the corona virus usually attacks our lungs So to survive the corona virus, we need to keep our lungs healthy. Here are six things we need to do:

1. You have to quit smoking first because toxins like nicotine, turk, carbon monoxide enter our lungs due to smoking. Toxic to the lungs, the accumulation of these chemicals narrows the airways, leading to respiratory problems and even cancer.

There is no substitute for drinking enough water to keep the lungs healthy This water acts as a filter in the lungs. This requires drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. The diet should include plenty of vegetables and seasonal fruits as they contain antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals. Try sugary foods. And avoid tea, coffee or caffeinated foods

36. Exercise three to five days a week because it strengthens the body’s contractile muscles and strengthens the lung muscles. However, the best lung exercise is to increase the amount of oxygen in every cell of our body as a result of breathing hard. And increases the strength of the lungs To do lung exercises at home, you need to sit with your back straight and breathe loudly so that the air reaches the abdomen. Hold this air for 10 seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth, thus increasing your lung function 5/6 times and clearing your lungs. Is | Consult a physician if I am by your side or feel chest pain while holding the air

48. In case of ventilation, take air from your house or outside You need to keep your environment clean and tidy. You can use Max if necessary. And your home environment is always a little more polluted from outside. Go and get some air


56 Adequate rest should be taken You need to increase your sleep so that your lungs will have a chance to prevent disease and heal on their own

To avoid corona, wash your hands regularly so that the virus does not enter your lungs. If you have chest pain due to manual labor, take the medicine with the advice of a doctor.