August 7, 2020

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The process of removing fluid from the lining of the heart

Let’s not know the method of pericardiocentesis to remove the fluid accumulated in the lining of the heart.

In this procedure (Pericardiocentasis) the fluid / blood that has accumulated in the lining of the heart is taken out to diagnose or prescribe treatment. There is no unconsciousness in it. This is a cardiac emergency treatment.

Procedural Technique
1. In this case, the rage is placed at a certain angle under the ECG monitor.
Anesthesia involves inserting a needle into the lining of the heart through a hole in the genital area.
2. When the exact position of the needle is determined, the cordis sheath is placed through it.
3. Then a special type of Pigtail is inserted into the lining of the heart through the sheath and the accumulated fluid / blood is taken out. Which is then sent for various experiments.
4. At the end of the test all the equipment is taken out. Then after stopping the bleeding, bandage / suture is given.

Your heart is the source of almost all the functions of your body so it is very important to keep your heart healthy. And when the work of the heart is disrupted, the chances of our heart attack increase. So we need to take nutritious food to keep our heart active. We need to drink plenty of water. We need to be as stress free as possible. In case of any problem, consult a doctor immediately. Or go to a nearby hospital. Awareness is very important for this.

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