August 7, 2020

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Ways to avoid eye allergies

What causes red eyes in winter?

ইAllergy eats national food at this time ,,.

6, if you put kajal in your eyes, if you cry a lot, if you put soap in your eyes, if you walk in the cold air in the morning, your normal eyes become red. Unusual causes of redness include redness of the eyes, sores in the eyes, glaucoma of the eyes, eye surgery, use of certain medications, uveitis, allergic reactions to food, dust in the eyes and iron particles in the eyes while working on lathes. If you go, the eyes become red.

Things to avoid

✪Eggplant, shrimp, beef, duck eggs, these are all allergic foods. You will think about what is wrong with you and avoid that news.

কালে If the eyes are more itchy, go to the doctor ,,,

Ways to remedy

হবে Get enough sleep.

খান Eat nuts to increase eyesight and protect eyes. Because nuts contain enough vitamins, which are very good for the eyes, green vegetables and yellow fruits should be eaten more.

নাIf you don’t watch TV in the dark and don’t work on the computer for a long time, your eyes will be better.

না Do not apply soap foam on the eyes and dandruff on the head should be removed quickly