August 7, 2020

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The rules and problems of the Quito diet

Many people are suffering from Quito diet craze nowadays. But this keto diet may not know what is good or bad for the body to lose weight. A nutritionist or dietitian can advise someone on a keto diet if you need it for health reasons. However, there is no rationale for the masses to abide by it.

There are a variety of health risks, from short-term problems such as sickness and diarrhea, to long-term health risks immediately after starting the Keto diet.
* The Keto diet follows the formula of using fats instead of carbohydrates or sugars (foods made from rice, corn, wheat, etc.) to meet physiological needs. The main purpose of the Keto diet is to reduce insulin, a hormone that is essential for the physiological process by reducing or not consuming carbohydrates.

This insulin breaks down sugars on the one hand and helps in the accumulation of fats and proteins on the other. In the absence of insulin, fats are used instead of carbohydrates for physiological purposes. But without sugar, fat cannot be used for physiological purposes. When carbohydrate metabolism is stopped due to lack of insulin, fat breaks down and produces keto acid, which is a terrible condition for the body and can cause keto-acidosis. Keto acidosis can cause irreparable damage to the brain, liver and kidneys.
* The main food of the brain is glucose, which is normally made by breaking down sugary foods. The brain cannot use ketones. After a long period of dieting, the brain once gained the ability to use ketones. But there are no research findings on how healthy ketones are for the brain. In the long run, the possibility of amnesia cannot be ruled out.

* Fats are broken down during the Keto diet and spread to different places through the bloodstream. This fat can block the blood vessels in the heart. Which can cause a heart attack. Increased blood fats also increase the risk of developing diabetes.

* Keto diet not only breaks down fat but also breaks down protein. The external structure of the body such as muscles and various organs is mainly made up of proteins. The keto diet affects muscle and bone formation. It can cause brittle bones in athletes. Breaking down proteins can lead to malnutrition. According to recent research, low-sugar diets can lead to cancer and heart disease. Studies have shown that the average mortality rate among Keto diet recipients is even higher.

Remember that a healthy normal, functional longevity requires a balanced diet, physical labor or exercise and adequate rest, not an abnormal keto diet. Enjoy life after enjoying a balanced diet, not after being affected by the Keto diet craze at a young age, but after getting rid of it through hard work or exercise.