August 7, 2020

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Ways to get rid of corona and various diseases

Can hot water remove corona from your body ?? Of course yes! Hot water boosts your body’s immunity Hot water is very important for our body. Because hot water regulates the metabolism of our body, dialysis of our body works well. ⇨And all the other organs of the body work well. As a result, the body’s immunity increases. And the person whose immunity is increased will not only survive the corona, but also reduce the risk of all kinds of diseases in his body. This means that he will be much less infected than other people.

সবাইEveryone knows how much water is good for our body because 70% of our body is water. The rest of our body needs a lot of water every day to function properly. If we don’t get water properly then the body organs become weak. However, the body’s weakness, immunity means reduced immunity, which increases the risk of diseases such as coronavirus.

So the question is why do you drink hot water because if we want to be healthy then our body temperature has to be 36 |. We get the body temperature we need to drink hot water. Hot water helps us to maintain our body temperature. Cold water lowers our body temperature This will weaken our immunity and cause symptoms of various diseases. We should drink lukewarm water.

If you drink hot water on an empty stomach in the morning, its benefits increase 100 times because then our body makes saliva. When we drink hot water, saliva enters our body which acts like nectar in our body. Protects and enhances immunity and protects against diseases such as cancer and constipation.

I have to drink hot water every morning And Kusum hot water is very useful for weight loss. After drinking hot water, our body’s metabolism increases which reduces unwanted pictures. If you want to lose weight, you must drink hot water

Every day thousands of toxins are produced in our body Which is natural, and it’s very important to get them out How to get out is important to detoxify our body as a result of drinking hot water Drinking hot water removes your gastric energy, creates energy in the body, keeps the body fresh, which keeps your body healthy even in old age. Drinking hot water relieves pain in your hands and feet. Then your body shines back and your hair is beautiful. Eat more hot water